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KURAHebby Rep
Kura was Eraqus’s first Spirit, and is full of pride at being what he believes to be first and best. He’s a little bit haughty, and eager to get into the fray and show off his stuff. He’s also probably the most defensive of Eraqus, standing up for him even when Eraqus isn’t always behaving his best.

Chuza, Eraqus’s Meow Wow and second Spirit, is a good-natured but ultimately lazy companion. She prefers to spend her days dozing more than anything, and will flop on anything -or anyone- as a means of showing how comfortable she is. She’s probably the friendliest out of Eraqus’s Spirits so far.

GENGOKooma Panda
Gengo the Kooma Panda is a bit brash, always eager to jump into the fray and beat up some Nightmares. Unfortunately, Gengo doesn't really know his own strength, and can accidentally be a little too harsh outside of battle, too. Despite the punch he packs, Gengo mostly comes across as a little sheepish.

Yaza, or 'Floor Toximander' as some might call him, is a friendly but very cautious Spirit, often hiding in the floor from Eraqus because he is so light-based. He is usually very difficult to find, but has a habit of popping out at the best -or worst- moments.

Jyunai is neurotic and rather obsessive-compulsive, constantly fretting whenever her master and the people around her are not in perfect health. This can make her valuable in a battle situation, as she is always right on top of healing, but in other situations she can become a little difficult since she'll go as far as to 'disinfect' spots where Yaza has appeared.

Soemon is excitable, eager to please, and just a bit ditzy. He is quick to zip right into trouble and prove himself as capable. If he gets lucky, that can be useful, as he packs a punch...but usually he just ends up getting into trouble and tripping over his own feet.

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